How This 19 Year Old Makes $20,000/Month On TikTok

Gary interviews Stone Media founder Stone Fredrickson about why he decided to quit his job and go all-in on his own agency, how he’s hit a quarter of a million followers and $120,000 in revenue at age 19, and why he chose to focus on coaching clients as a way of building his business.

What Life As A Digital Nomad Is Really Like…

Muchow Marketing founder Sven Muchow tells Gary about how he made the leap from being just another freelancer to running his own agency, what it’s like living life as a digital nomad, and what he sees as the five biggest opportunities for marketers in 2023.

The Secret To Growing A Company With Compassion

Andre Santos, co-founder of Pain-Free Dental Marketing, digs into why his agency chose to niche down into the dental space, why turning down big money from potential clients outside your vertical is often good business, and what it means to practice compassionate capitalism.

Life Inside the Clique

Clique Agency founder Liam McDonald joins Gary to draft the top apps you’ll need when starting a business and shares the toughest challenge he’s faced when scaling his agency and how he avoids wasting his time when meeting with potential new clients.

Meet The Entrepreneur Who Grew A Successful Agency In 6 Months

Hudson Media Group founder Michael Hudson tells Gary about his journey through quitting his job (with no clients lined up), starting his own marketing agency, and building a successful business in less than 6 months — plus what he wishes he’d known on day 1.

Meet The 19 Year Old Running a 6 Figure Marketing Agency

Derrick Mirochnik, founder of Mirror Media Marketing, talks with Gary about founding his agency at 18, what it took to hit almost $50K in MRR in less than two years, and why marketing agencies need to constantly innovate — even if only a little bit at a time.

How to Stop Standing in the Way of Your Business Growth.

Brad Ball, founder of Liquis Digital, talks with Gary about how niching down changed everything for his business, what happened when he realized he was standing in the way of his own growth, and jumping from $300K to $500K in ARR.

How to Create Content At Scale

Stephen Pope, the founder of SGP Labs, gives his take on all things content — how to establish your video content presence, train your team to become content connoisseurs, and master the content creation process.

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