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Marketing & Sales Don’t Have to Be Enemies

Huify founder Josh Harcus talks with Gary about how his business pivoted from marketing to sales enablement, what companies are really looking for when they hire a marketing agency, and why you should never forget to create a thoughtful, deliberate sales process (plus how to do it).

Mindset is Half the Battle

Megan Gersch Design founder Megan Gersch talks with Gary about why aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand that mindset is essential to success, how she uses TikTok to generate a consistent stream of new business, and why she never gives clients her phone number.

What’s Your Entrepreneurial Happy Place?

Deepak Sharma and Jamey Lee, the co-founders of Deep Social Brands, stop by to talk about what it’s like leading an all-TikTok agency, and how they build stronger relationships with their clients while running a remote company, and how they navigate disagreements while co-running a business together.

Give Value Without an Ask

B2B marketing expert and TLR Consulting founder Trevor Robinson chats with Gary about how B2B is different than B2C, why the best way to create new business relationships and opportunities is to give value without asking for anything in return, and how founders can do a better job at spending time with their loved ones.

Don’t Hire Someone Just Because They’re Like You

Crimson Media Group founder Shane Simmons chats with Gary about accidentally finding his agency’s niche, how he has used referral relationships to build a client base without spending on ads, and what it takes to make good hiring decisions, and why great marketing is all about storytelling.

My Perspective is Not Always Right

Strupek marketing agency founder Jonathan Strupek talks with Gary about what it was like to face his fears, quit his job, start his own business, learn how to fail, and why you have to niche down the right way in order to succeed.

Never Listen to Your Clients

Kurt Schmidt, president, and partner at Foundry, the custom app strategy and design company, chats with Gary about why you shouldn’t listen to your clients, how making the shift from selling a commodity-level service to offering strategy can save your agency, and why you should always be hiring — even when you don’t have an open position.

From Failure Comes Success

Konstantitos Synodinos, founder and CEO of Simply Digital, talks with Gary about the challenges of running a marketing business that works with clients all over the world, what happened when his big startup idea failed, and how the web 3.0 revolution is coming for marketing agencies, too.

Want to Build Trust? Get on a Stage.

Jasen Arias, operations manager for Grant Cardone’s 10X Stages, talks with Gary about how you can build a ton of trust by getting on a stage, why you shouldn't be afraid to niche down when you talk, and how providing value can be all about simplicity.

Want to Meet People? Start a Podcast!

Christopher Hines, host of Creators Getting Paid and podcasting coach, stops by to talk about how podcasters can monetize an audience of any size, why you should NOT interview your guests, and why every podcast needs a lawyer.

I’m a Better Leader When I’m Me

CallForce and Teem founder Cory Pinegar stops by to chat with Gary about how success comes from keeping things simple, why entrepreneurs should be hiring from the massive talent pool overseas, and why leadership starts with being vulnerable.

Just Start. You Can Figure the Rest Out Later.

Sher Agency founder Max Sher chats with Gary about how he built a 7-figure web design agency, what it’s like to be a digital nomad CEO with no permanent address, and how disaster can be a springboard to success.

When You Bet on Yourself, You Win

Chris Cunningham, a founding member of ClickUp, talks with Gary about working 18-hour days en route to building a $4 billion company, why saying “no” to one of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley was the key to his firm’s success, and why the future of marketing is about personal rather than corporate brands.

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